Roof top developments, get the low down on building up

What could be easier than to build another floor on top and develop the roof space?

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BLG appoints Anil Bains as Director of Asset Management

We are delighted to announce the Anil's promotion to...

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What’s worn under a Scotsman’s kilt?

Scotland “The most beautiful country in the world” says the American writer, Garrison Keillor...

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Gordon Robinson joins BLG’s New Business Team

BLG introduces a new senior member of their New Business team.

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Stuart’s blog: Hats off to the risk takers!

I spend my life looking at risk… Can we build a development scheme within budget? Will the houses sell? Are we overexposed in that region? Are there any...

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BLG welcomes Tracey Abbott to the team

Tracey will join Dave as a second Regional Director for this busy region. So, with Tracey on board, we are now able to increase the number of developers we can support across the south west.

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